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Our educational training is designed to be an important contribution to help bring online privacy, safety awareness and education to administrators, teachers, parents and most importantly students across the country. It is a FREE program teaching students how to be smart and responsible digital citizens.

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Are you an ambitious, creative, tech-savvy high school student? Do you want to be a part of revolutionizing social media? This is your opportunity to make a difference, while working at a cutting edge start-up in Silicon Valley! We accept interns nationwide! View our ONLINE FLYER!

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In today's society, we have embraced technology in everything we do in our lives. From updating our status, posting a picture of what we're eating, or playing a word game with our friend, we are all connected globally as digital citizens. With that in mind, privacy becomes a cause-for-concern because of how easily sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands. The majority of these crimes happen to today's young generation. Our education program provides information on how to avoid simple online hiccups and be safe surfing the net. We invite all high school students to join our nationwide internship in learning and working with the World's Private Social Media Company, Sgrouples.

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"This one might make you feel like one of those secret agent computer geniuses! Stop websites from collecting your personal information by downloading the “Do Not Track” extension for your browser at “donottrack.us.” And then feel free to do a few back flips or something in celebration." ~Our Tip of the Week

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